so today i went out walking around Surry Hills with my buddy Zach, trying to take photos for an assignment! we ended up at the Bourke St. Bakery, apparently a very popular hotspot for lunch in the sydney cbd (it is true, the place was packed when we got there)

and there we proceeded to have what is probably the best meat pie I have ever tasted

like seriously just fucking look at it it’s begging you to lick your screen right now

we both had the same pie, beef and mushroom! and by god it was nothing like any pie i’ve ever had; HUGE chunks of beef that fell apart in your mouth, delicately flavoured with mushrooms (that were actually NON-RUBBERY AND NOT OVERCOOKED), and in this really rich kind of gravy that wasn’t like regular pie gravy, but tasted more tomato-based. The crust was really rustic, flaky and perfectly crisp on the outside which had a sprinkling of poppyseed, and was chewy but not in the unpleasant 7-11 pie kind of way. overall, REALLY FRICKIN GOOD.

they were about $5-something each which is a tad more expensive than a plain pie from Harry’s, but christ the extra coin is so, so worth it.


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